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We've been providing Respite Care in York Region for over 30 years

York Region Respite CareYork Region Respite CareYork Region Respite Care

York Region Respite Care provides a team approach of holistic care in everything we do. We have many partnerships in the community to work together with all multidisciplinary teams to best support our clients.  

York Region Respite CareYork Region Respite CareYork Region Respite Care

Our staff have many years of experience in providing personal care and encouraging the growth of all our clientele. We also work to support the elderly population. Our team approach aids in filling the gaps with exercise and independence while also supporting personal care and safety.

Meet Our Team

Melissa Joisten RN Owner & Operator

Melissa spent over two decades working in the community of York Region. In that time, it made her realize the growing need of consistency of care and advocacy for this population and this became the birth of York Region Respite Care in 2017. Consistency of staff and clients are our number one priority. She continues to work with multidisciplinary teams to maximize the growth of all our clientele. 



Joanne Dick Field Supervisor

Joanne is available to all our staff for ongoing training, support and conflict resolution. Her professionalism and heart make every problem quickly turn into a solution.

Lyssa Biney Staffing Coordinator

Lyssa Brings to our team years of management and coordination as well as a positive outlook on all situations. She is always available to support our staff in finding the best schedule and matching clients to their skill sets. 

Molly Joisten Vice President Billing & Payroll

Molly oversees all our billing department and manages payroll. Her ongoing attention to detail keeps us all happy and inline. 

Adina A. Head of Human Resources

Adina works around the clock finding us the best staff to support all our clientele. Adina also handles new intakes of clients to ensure we match the best staff for our clientele 

Why Choose Us?

In-home programming provided by qualified experienced staff

Support for medically complex, dual diagnosed clientele

Our staff are available to assist with medication and remind clients to take them on time

All members of our team have many years of experience and are always updating and improving their skill sets

We strive to improve the quality of
life and health of everyone we work with.

If you're interested in our respite services, please give us a call at ‚Äč905-928-9772 or contact us below.

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